Picturegoer – Aug 5th 1950

So Long at The Fair

It is May, 1889, and Paris is crowded with visitors tothe Great Exhibition . Among the arrival” are a young English girl, Victor1a Barton (Jean Simmons), and her brother Johnny (David Tomlinson). As they book into their hotel the girl talks excitedly at the prospect of seeing the city for the first time.

She wakes up bright and early the following morning and happily rushes down the corridor to wake her brother. But – bafflingly – there is no trace of him or even the room in which he slept. Both seem to have vanished

Here is mystery indeed . Amid the bustling Exhibition crowds, Victoria hurries tearfully a round in vain attempts to trace her brother. Everyone thinks she’s imagining it all – that her brother nevrr existed. But eventually a young English painter (Dirk Bogarde) comes to her assistance.

Rolfe Beren