An Orderly Man

An Orderly Man (1983)

First Published: Chatto & Windus
Published: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 0-394-53216-3

In 1970 Dirk withdrew from acting and turned towards a quieter, more contemplative, more settled way of life. He both dreaded and yearned for a change from the preceding 20 years of ‘continual motion’. Seeking ‘a place of my own’, he found it in a dilapidated farmhouse in the south of France. In this third volume of non-fiction he writes eloquently of the dual struggle he faced – first dealing with years of neglect to the house and the land; second, with the awful fear that he had made a frightful error. Finally, we share his success in creating a real home, a sanctuary of simplicity and quiet ease where he intended to stay for good.

‘Absorbing . . . the story of Bogarde’s life has to be saluted as an extraordinary achievement. His gift for dialogue is exceptional – the merest acquaintance is caught with the odd phrase that reveals everything the reader needs to know’

Paul Bailey, The Observer