Cleared for Take-Off

Cleared for Take-Off (1995)

First Published: Alfred A. Knopf, INC (USA)
Published: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 0-394-53216-3

‘Leaning over the rail, cold, feeling fairly wretched instead of being tremendously excited, very alarmed at my lack of knowledge, my suitability to fit into civilian life, I wondered miserably what the hell I’d be doing on that exact day one year ahead. “This time next year”. Pointless thought, for not even the wildest imagination could have furnished me with the truth…’ In his final volume of non-fiction Dirk brings together a gallery of friends and family in war-torn Europe, 1950s London, Hollywood, Italy, his beloved Provence and, finally, England.

‘A fascinating package of stories. His writing, rich with description and natural dialogue, makes you feel you were there… a charming and entertaining read by a born storyteller’

The Sunday Express