Voices in the Garden

Voices in the Garden (1981)

First Published: Chatto & Windus
Published: Bloomsbury, 2012
ISBN: 0 7011 2572 1

In the splendid gardens of the Riviera villa a small group of people of widely differing character come together by chance, link, hold, and finally break away. Dirk’s second novel explores these disparate lives – the elegant well-born English hosts, ageing, aware, and vulnerable; the two young holiday-makers, from opposite worlds in love and eagerly exploring their way together; a dynamic Italian film director (with yacht and entourage) intent on his own ambitions and at the height of dangerous powers. All are caught up in the potent chemistry of their meeting; none remains untouched as the mid-summer picnic ends, the yacht sails away, and the garden voices fade.

‘Bogarde writes very agreeably, with humour, wit, and the actor’s sense of timing. His descriptions are sometimes dazzling’

The Financial Times