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Brock with Dirk

Dirk and nephew, Brock, 1978, Versailles

DirkBogarde.co.uk is the official website of the Dirk Bogarde Estate.

It is well known that Dirk, towards the end of his life, destroyed much, but not everything, in his personal archive. He also carefully deposited his annotated film scripts with the BFI and arranged for his literary manuscripts to go to Boston University.

However, not everything was lost.

This website continues to gather together what remained, to point the way to the various collections, to offer to the uninitiated an opportunity to discover the significant contribution Dirk made to cinema, literature and to the arts, and to catch a glimpse of the man and his fascinating life in the world in which he lived, both on and off camera.

Towards the end Dirk said to the family, ‘No funeral, no memorial service, just forget me.’ However, consigning such a remarkable and brilliant life to ‘anonymous storage’ was simply not an option.

I have built this website as a tribute to my uncle, this extraordinary actor, writer and artist and to offer an adventure to be shared by anyone interested in cinema and to help them gain an understanding of this ‘mercurial man who made a difference.’


PS. Please download this free copy Dirk’s recipe for ‘Chicken Clermont’ and enjoy the site with a glass of wine while it is cooking. Bon Appetit!

Every effort has been made to identify the copyright owners of images used by the Estate. However, although unlikely, it is possible that errors and omissions may remain.

See a typo, an inaccuracy or you have something to contribute, please contact us so that we can address it: info@dirkbogarde.co.uk.

The site is not for profit, any proceeds from affiliate links, sales of t-shirts and postcards go back into maintaining and updating the site. If you’ve enjoyed the site and would like to help with the upkeep, we thank you in advance.

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