The Authorised Biography

The Authorised Biography (2004)

by John Coldstream

First Published: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2004
ISBN: 0-297-60730-8

As an actor Dirk Bogarde was a Rank contract artist and matinee idol who became a giant of the intellectual cinema, working on films such as Death in Venice, The Servant and Providence. Fiercely protective of his privacy, and that of his partner of 40 years, he left England in the 1960s to live abroad, where he carved a second career for himself as a bestselling author. Although Bogarde destroyed many of his papers, John Coldstream has had unique access to his personal archives and to friends and family who knew him well. The result is a fascinating biography of a complex and intriguing personality.

Biographies only tend to be definitive until the next one comes along, but there’s no danger of Coldstream’s erudite, moving analysis ever being superseded.’

Christopher Fowler, The Independent on Sunday

Ever, Dirk

Ever, Dirk: The Bogarde Letters (2008)

Edited by John Coldstream

First Published: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2008
ISBN: 0297852418

The success of John Coldstream’s bestselling biography of Dirk Bogarde demonstrates that the interest in one of Britain’s leading actors, memoirists and novelists does not diminish, even though it is a decade since his death. Bogarde was a secretive man, who destroyed many of his own papers and diaries. Fortunately, the recipients of his letters treasured them, enabling John Coldstream to bring together this fascinating collection of hitherto unpublished material. Bogarde wrote to each correspondent according to the nature of the friendship, but invariably he was frank, gossipy, funny and often malicious. The joy of writing, particularly as he grew older and chose to live in France, was never far away. The letters display the qualities familiar to those who knew the private Bogarde: acute observation, laser-like intelligence, impatience with the foolish, compassion for the needy, a relish for the witty metaphor, and a catastrophic disdain for correct spelling and punctuation. Above all, to read his letters is to hear him talk, and no conversation with Dirk Bogarde was dull.

‘What an egregious conundrum Dirk Bogarde was. This collection remarkably reveals a fascinating, original and in some ways haunted man in shockingly unmediated form’

Simon Callow, The Guardian

Dirk Bogarde: Rank Outsider

Dirk Bogarde : Rank Outsider (1999)

by Sheridan Morley

First Published: Bloomsbury, 1999
ISBN: 0747546983

From his birth in a taxi to his status as a bestselling author, this is the story of Dirk Bogarde – perhaps the best-loved film star Britain has ever produced. Morley’s biography looks at the early stage years, the mid-life career, and the late-life acclaim that came to Bogarde as novelist.

The Films of Dirk Bogarde

The Films of Dirk Bogarde (1974)

by Margaret Hinxman & Susan d’Arcy

First Published: Literary Services & Production
ISBN: 0853210586

A wonderful book for Dirk Bogarde fans – all you need to know about his early films; plus media reviews and comments by the actor himself. A great buy and highly recommended.

Dirk Bogarde: the Complete Career Illustrated

Dirk Bogarde: the Complete Career Illustrated (1988)

by Robert Tanitch

Ebury Press
ISBN: 0852236948

Illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs, this tribute to Dirk covers his appearances in film, theatre and television listed role by role in chronological order, linked by a running commentary and quotes from critics of the day.

Robert Tanitch has written extensively on film and the theatre. His previous titles include photographic biographies of Laurence Olivier, Peggy Ashcroft and John Gielgud.