For the Time Being

For the Time Being (1998)

First Published: Viking
Published: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 0-670-88005-1

In the late 1980s Dirk returned from two idyllic decades in France to live in London. Shortly afterwards, the then Literary Editor of The Daily Telegraph, admiring the ‘lucid frankness’ of Bogarde’s memoirs, invited him to review some books for the newspaper. Over the next eight years or so, Bogarde wrote much of the criticism, essays, obituaries, fragments of autobiography and appreciations which are collected in this volume – a body of work that offers fascinating insights into his life, his mind and his forthright opinions.

‘Once I started I couldn’t stop. I didn’t have the time but I’ve read every damn word. Bogarde is such a companionable writer that you just don’t want to let him go’

Matthew Parris, The Times