May 1946 Batsford Gallery, North Audley Street, London. I am trying to locate WWII sketches by Capt. Derek van den Bogaerde (the actor, Dirk Bogarde) and F/Lt. Christopher Greaves (my late uncle) that they exhibited, with astute timing, in May 1945 at the Batsford Gallery, North Audley Street. Trained artists, the two were thrown together as photographic interpreters during the liberation of France, Belgium and Holland. When circumstances allowed they recorded what they saw in watercolour and pen and ink. Their exploits feature vividly in Bogarde’s autobiographical memoirs. I plan to write an article about this little-known joint exhibition, ideally in time for its 75th anniversary this year. The exhibition comprised 47 works whose titles relate to the war, sometimes to place of execution. I have access to two installation photographs and contemporary reviews in The Times and Apollo. A few examples belong to the artists’ descendants and Bogarde’s View from my Tent, July 1944, is in the British Museum. But most of the works, which sold well in 1945, are widely scattered. If any readers could throw light on any of their whereabouts, please contact me at Yours, Belinda Thomson (Independent art historian)