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21st Festival Nimes

A homage to Dirk Bogarde with the screening of four films selected by Nicolas Botti.
Doctor in the House” 1954 – The film is relatively unknown in France and the film that made Bogarde a star. The French audiences perhaps more aware of his later career, which is not rich in comedies! Directed by Ralph Thomas, the director with whom he worked the most. The best movie they made together is probably “A Tale of Two Cities” but the “Doctor” series was key in his career.
Victim” 1961 – This is undoubtedly one of Dirk Bogarde’s most important movies. It was quite a game-changer in British film history and Bogarde’s career. Directed by the brilliant Basil Dearden, one of the most unfairly and unsung directors in the UK. Victim dealt with the subject of blackmail and homosexuality. The film helped to change public attitudes and contributed towards the passing of the Sexual Offences Act, legalising sex ‘in private’ between consenting adults. An award winning performance by Bogarde which confirmed him as a serious actor
Providence” 1977 – One of his “intellectual” movies, directed by Alain Renais, and shot in France with a sublime cast. Written by David Mercer.
Daddy Nostalgia” 1990 – Technically it’s a french movie directed by Bertrand Tavernier (who has done a lot in France in recognition of British cinema). It is Bogarde’s last movie. A moving and rarely shown film, even in France.
Nicholas Botti 2018